KISMAT – Kerala Interstate Migrants Alliance for Transformation


Kerala Interstate Migrants Alliance for Transformation is a collective effort by Don Bosco to reach out to the growing population of young inter-state migrants at risk across 11 districts in the State of Kerala, India with welfare measures to address exploitation and poor living conditions.

Project Description

Large numbers of young people migrate to unorganized sectors in Kerala and they are unskilled, poor, exploited and their rights are grossly violated. Such poor and young migrants moving from one state to another are not a vote bank and so, no political parties want them at the migrated destinations. They do not know the language of the place, face alienation from the local society, are unable to access their rightful entitlements such as food, shelter, medical care, bank services, education, skill training, legal support and other services. KISMAT is an integrated network of 12 Migrants help desks set up in Don Bosco Salesian houses across 11 districts in Kerala, being headed by Don Bosco Veedu Society at Trivandrum.

Project Goals

  1. Set up 12 Migrants’ Desks in 11 districts of Kerala state and provide support services through a rights-based approach.
  2. Give migrants the confidence that they have competent persons at every Don Bosco centre, who care for them and will assist them.
  3. Make the Don Bosco community an address/place/home where migrants can come in for any emergency or for urgent services and support.
  4. Build a network of persons and organizations committed to supporting the rights of migrants and empowering them to access them.
  5. Motivate, accompany and empower migrants to overcome the constraints and deprivations they face.
  6. Promote positive political discourse for “inclusion” of migrants in society and contribute to changing the negative perception and prejudiced portrayal of migrants.
  7. Advocate with the state and others for the rights of migrants, and for creation of better options at the source areas in order to reduce “forced” migration.

 “Apni KISMAT Apni Hat” (My destiny is in my own hands.)