To impart and increase awareness on the ill- effects of drugs use among school children.

Program Description

Kerala is second in India with largest number of cases related to drug abuse. Ernakulum and Thiruvanathapuram are the two Districts in Kerala having the most number of drug related cases. A survey done among school going children in Trivandrum district by Don Bosco Veedu depicts that about 30 % of children are using drugs. This calls for urgent intervention and we have begun a yearlong campaign to thwart this menace by educating children, counseling, intervening with teachers, excise department and networked efforts to stop this increasing menace that threatens the life and future of children of Kerala Society.

Activities of the project


Target Group Beneficiaries Activities
1. Children Awareness for 2500 school children from 50 schools in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. *Awareness classes

*Talent promotion programme

*Leadership Training Program

*Counselling services

*Medical support & Rehabilitation

2. Youth  

Awareness for 250 youth from different colleges, youth clubs and the youth working in unorganized sectors in Trivandrum

* Awareness classes

* Coaching in sports

*Set Up Youth centres

*Counselling services

*Medical support & Rehabilitation

3. General Public General Public Awareness for a 5000 people from the district of Trivandrum. * Awareness classes

* Parents meetings

*Exhibitions of I.E.C Materials

4. Government &Non government officials Network meetings with  School Teachers, government officials, government leaders, religious leaders, NGO/ Civil society group leaders in Trivandrum * Workshops

* Training program

*Advocacy Meetings