WEDGE (Women Empowerment Drive & Gender Equality)

Mission: Reduction of violence and discrimination against women and imparting knowledge and awareness to vulnerable women about human and legal rights through advocacy action.

Project Description: The intention of the project is capacity building of vulnerable women against abuse and violence and to empower them to stand up for their rights.  Promotion of gender equality through trainings, workshops, campaigning against gender based violence; confidence building and skills development are also envisaged through this program.

Project Goals

Target Group Beneficiaries Activities
Women and Women Leaders 200 Leaders will be trained during the year Training and workshops for women leaders of women groups/SHGs on legal rights, political awareness, women’s and human rights and gender equality.
Youth and school/college students 150 youth of both genders Training and awareness for student and youth community to facilitate volunteers for preventing violence against women.
Local Government Leaders, Police Personnel, Lawyers, Media, Government Officials, Civil Society Group Leaders, Community Leaders, NGO Leaders 100 Stake holders will come together for a workshop towards advocacy Workshop for the group to advocate for strong laws along with formation and strengthening of legal aid cells.
General Public 5000 people through mass awareness strategies Public awareness through exhibition, leaflets and  sensitization campaign.