Welcoming cricket players with chenda


The chenda kids gather once again at Manacaud because they have got another performance. We all help load the equipment onto a bus and then cram in everyone inside and then we’re on our way. Music is blasting inside the bus and the children are singing along and joking around as we make our way to the destination, the Leela Raviz resort. When we arrive at the hotel we’re told the kids are going to play at the welcoming of the national cricket team of the West Indies and we set up the drums where they want us. As time passes more and more journalists arrive, as does fans and hotel staff to welcome the cricket players. Because of rain, their plane was delayed so tedious waiting featured during most of the pre-performance. 

Suddenly, the hotel staff start hurrying around to stand in formation and we realize we have to do the same. The bus arrive and the boys start playing their chenda. The players exit their bus, are met with screaming fans and then a coconut before being escorted to their room. Some stop in their tracks to admire the boys playing chenda before continuing towards their respective room. The organizers as well as all of us were very happy with the performance and it’s a good start to a great career.

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