Motivational camp


Me and another volunteer make our way to the Karimadom slum to join in on an excursion for some underprivileged men from the slum. We sit down and immediately the speakers start blaring and the men start singing and dancing, some of the staff even join in. 

The ride continues in much the same fashion until we reach the Peppara dam. Everyone is treated to a spectacular view and we all enjoy the stark contrast between the water filled oasis on one side and the forest on the other. As we start making our way back to the bus we prepare for lunch and a gigantic pot of chicken biryani is served to everyone. To make the motivational trip more enjoyable we also include some fun games and everyone burst out with laughter as the men, amongst other activities, balance balloons between them as they hurry along a given track. 

The bus’ next stop is the waterfalls in Kallar. Everyone starts the trek through tropical forest and a serene river flowing on one side. There is an area perfect for bathing and a lot of the participants stop there to just enjoy the cool flow of water among the rocks and the magnificent surroundings. We, the interns and volunteers, continue the trek to see the waterfall as well. When we start to head back in the evening the atmosphere is relaxed and it seems like the trip have made an impact on these people. The music is of course loud on the way back and another group, albeit smaller than the first, continue the singing and dancing until we reach Trivandrum again. 

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