Helping a family from the slum


Tony and I arrive at Manacaud to wait for two young men to come by lorry. When they arrive we all start going towards a storage room and they wiggle out 2 bed frames and mattresses which we help carry to the lorry. The beds are being donated to a family in the Karimadom slum whose elder is bedridden and very sick, but with no bed. We all load the stuff for the beds and hop in the truck to start driving. 

We arrive and start carrying the bed frame through the narrow alleys of the slum until we reach a shed-like house. In there was a sick woman sleeping and a few other middle aged women curiously and gratefully glancing in our direction. We exchanged their beds and put in the mattresses so the elderly woman could lie down again quickly. The shed they lived in was one room and now that the beds were installed, there was barely room for anything else. Their kitchen was situated outside the house and so was most of the storage which they put under a marquees. Thankfully, we were not done helping them when we left their house which puts a smile on both their and my face.

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